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Working words is a book of friendly ‘chats’ about writing, editing, freelancing, the ethics of being an editor, answers to some common English grammar questions, and a lot of fun ‘itchypencils’.

‘Itchypencilitis’ is the curse of editors and authors – it’s that feeling of helplessness that you get when you see something misspelt, an apostrophe in the wrong place, meaning obscure, and you are driving and can’t write it down. Itchypencils are great fun to see and to think about afterwards!

The first edition was published by the Canberra Society of Editors in 2011 and is now sold out.  A revised edition is currently being prepared. To learn more, and to ask about ordering your copy of the new Working words, click on the book image to take you to our Enquiries page where you can ask for more information about the new Working words or ask to join the waiting list for orders.


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Do you wish there was an easy way to learn to write emails and reports effectively? Did you miss out on learning about sentence and paragraph structure? Is English a second or third language for you? Is it hard to tell people you supervise at work that their writing could be improved, yet not know quite how to explain it? Would you like to be able to write effectively yourself, and be able to help others do the same?

Then Effective writing is the book for you. This new edition is a complete update on the first edition that was popular for many years (see below). It includes writing emails, material for websites, text messages for the workplace, and much more that wasn’t in the first edition. It was published by Lacuna Publishing in 2014.

To learn more, and to get your copy of Effective writing, click on the book image (Lacuna Publishing) or contact us to request information.


These two books are the latest in a long line of books Elizabeth has written since 1962. Here are some more:

  • The better letter, Qantas, Sydney, 1962 – a booklet about better letter writing for Qantas staff worldwide at the time
  • Secretarial projects – 1, Pitman, London, 1967 – book and tape – realistic office practice
  • Secretarial projects – 2, Pitman, London, 1969 – more of the same with different employers
  • The Secretary in Australia, Pitman, Melbourne, 1971 – contributed 3 chapters
  • The Australian Secretary, Pitman, Melbourne, 1986 – complete update of The Secretary in Australia (sole author)
  • Letter writing simplified, Pitman, Melbourne, 1987 – with Gladys Snodgrass – revised edition of the Snodgrass first edition of 1966
  • The job-hunter’s guide, Pitman, Melbourne, 1988 – guidance for job-seekers
  • The Australian secretary – 2nd edn, Pitman, Melbourne, 1989 – major rewrite
  • Effective writing: plain English at work – 1st edn, Pitman / Longman Cheshire, Melbourne, 1989 – the precursor of the second edition shown at the top of this page; with a UK edition (1991), it sold for 25 years.


New: booklet series

Elizabeth is currently (2018) working on the start of a series of booklets on a number of aspects of writing, editing, business, English grammar and related topics. Watch this page!!

Other reading

For details of books on business practices, other books about words, effective writing and plain English, and for outlines of training (including Grammar in a nutshell workshops), coaching and mentoring in writing (academic, workplace and fiction), editing, setting up a freelance business, contact us